Cris' Lingeries - Bras for Women

Bras fall under the essential undergarment category. This item of clothing provides support and comfort to the breasts. The right bra can improve the fit of your clothes and improve your structure and appearance. Buying bras can be a hassle for most people, especially because you either select the perfect one or a nightmare. At Cris' Lingeries, we offer a selection of comfortable bras to choose from. Whether you are looking for the perfect bra for work, social functions, or other needs, comb through our selection to find the perfect one for you. Our selection includes Bralette Flash Padding, Padding Princes Bra, Madan Padding Bra, Triangle Bra with Removable Padding, Beauty Padding Bra, and more.
We understand that buying a bra online comes with a lot of questions. We have tried to simplify your online shopping experience by offering answers to the most important questions you have.

How Do I Know if The Bra Will Fit?

To determine the right size and bra fit, you need to get your bra measurement correctly. Below are the important measurements to keep in mind.

Cups: This defines the area between the curve of your breast. Each cup should accommodate your breast without spilling over or gaping.

Straps: The strap is the support structure that holds the cups in place. It should sit comfortably on your shoulders without leaving marks on the skin.

Band: This bra area sits on the back and should comfortably rest in its original position. If your bra band rides up, the chances are high that it isn't the right size for you.

How Often Should I Replace My Bra?

Your bra is an intimate part of your dressing. It should be replaced in 6 months, especially if it is your favorite bra.

Can I Wear A Bra To Bed?

This depends on the comfort level of your bra. Comfortable bras can be worn to bed, although this habit should be discouraged.