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Panties are essential to any woman's wardrobe. They offer protection to the private area, provide comfort, and also improve clothing fit. The right panties play a role in boosting your confidence and comfort. Cris' Lingeries offers you the needed avenue to spice up your top drawer with an amazing selection of panties that fit your body shape and preference. Are you looking for the right shapewear that offers comfort and fit? Browse our selection of panties. 

We have several kinds of panties for you to choose from. If you are unfamiliar with shopping for panties online, read below to find out the different types of panties you can buy.

Hot Panties: These panties, as their name suggests, are designed to sit on the hips. They are designed with a waistline that sits just below the navel to offer a figure-flattering fit. Are you planning a late evening outing in mid or low-rise jeans? Choose from our hot panty selection like Palais Garnier and Calcinha hot panty.

Seamless Panties: This is perfect for bodycon dresses and tight-fitting jeans. They lack thick borders, thus making them appropriate for any occasion, be it formal or otherwise.

Bikini Panties: This offers low coverage, with the waistband sitting about three inches below the navel. They are available in different colors, designs, and patterns and can be coupled with bikini tops. Browse our selection of comfortable bikini panties like Biquini, Calcinha Biquíni, and more. 

Thong/ G-String – These are tight-fitting panties that offer coverage only for the important and sensitive parts. This is perfect for short dresses and to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. We have an excellent selection of thongs for you to choose from, including Sexy draped thong with Rhinestone and Lace, string panties like Calcinha fancy panty FIO Dental, String with Regulation - String FIO Dental COM Regulagem, string with dental wire with regulation, and more.